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Laser cut wedding invitations designed exclusively by artist Charlotte Hewson, renowned for her enchanting laser cuts. Creating bespoke wedding stationery since 2003.

Bespoke wedding invitations and stationery

Bespoke wedding invitations by Chartula. Renowned for our bespoke laser cut wedding invitations and stationery, designed exclusively by artist Charlotte Hewson.

BESPOKE WEDDING invitations - Your Story, Your Way

Chartula wedding stationery is custom made, bespoke by its very nature. Our bespoke wedding invitations, allow you to go even further, let your imagination run wild and delve into a whimsical world where anything is possible. Tell your tale in laser cut with an adorable bespoke concertina invitation, or dare to be different and demand a new bespoke wedding stationery concept.

You're the star of our show. Commission a bespoke laser cut wedding invitation and you'll find yourself sharing ideas with us you didn't think you had, discussing the details that make your day unique, discovering what bespoke wedding stationery can do for you in a practical and visual way, and walking away with your very own work of art. 

'I love the journey of creating a bespoke invitation, translating your story into a made-to-measure design. I like to communicate a bit more than the obvious "our wedding is in Florence, this is what it looks like". I run with my imagination. My designs bring out the child in me and I like to let a little of my personality leak into everything I do. I guess that's why I've always kept a tight hold on the design process. We never use freelancers or other designers, when you order Chartula, you get me.' 


Charlotte xx