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Laser cut wedding invitations designed exclusively by artist Charlotte Hewson, renowned for her enchanting laser cuts. Creating bespoke wedding stationery since 2003.

Laser cut wedding invitations and bespoke stationery blog.

Laser cut wedding invitation blog by Chartula. Sharing our latest bespoke wedding invitations, stationery, wedding etiquette, printing advice, fine papers and more…

Fresh New Laser Cut Invitations - Coming SOON!

Charlotte Houlihan

 Fairytale laser cut wedding invitations by Chartula

Fairytale laser cut wedding invitations by Chartula

Happy New Year everyone! I'm back in the studio after a lovely (slightly hectic - moved house in December) Christmas break. As we approach our busiest time of year for laser cut wedding invitations I thought I'd share my top three Chartula new years resolutions with you:

  1. Top of my list, and coming soon I promise! Finish our new laser cut wedding invitations. I've been working on this design for a while now, soon to go off to print. I can't wait to share the finished stationery with you.
  2. Draw more. That's my personal one. It's the backbone of all our laser cut designs and I really should dedicate more time to it.
  3. Photograph our limited edition laser cut cards. We've got a lovely, evolving collection of limited edition cards and invitations that'll soon be available from our shop

That's it. Obviously there's a much longer list! But as I said, it's our busiest time of year, so first and foremost - our customers!

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