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Laser cut wedding invitations designed exclusively by artist Charlotte Hewson, renowned for her enchanting laser cuts. Creating bespoke wedding stationery since 2003.


Wedding invitation sample from Chartula. Get samples of our laser cut wedding invitations.

Consultation by Phone

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Consultation by Phone


Every bespoke journey begins with a Full Consultation with Charlotte. An indulgent opportunity to discuss the finer points of your wedding. You'll explore samples, card swatches, Pantone colours and typefaces. You'll discuss printing methods, card weights and finishing options. We'll tackle prices, budget and quantities. Most importantly you'll get to share your ideas, find solutions, and express what you want out of a bespoke design.

You're invited to post us as little or as much as you want before your consultation - dress swatches, images, colour ideas, or nothing and we'll tease ideas out of you. Whatever your starting point, you'll come away feeling re-assured and back on track. 

Consultations by Phone last 90 minutes and include One Full Written Quote. Your first consultation fee is fully redeemable against your first stationery order.

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