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Laser cut wedding invitations designed exclusively by artist Charlotte Hewson, renowned for her enchanting laser cuts. Creating bespoke wedding stationery since 2003.


Bespoke Stationery Items and Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Bespoke wedding stationery and couture laser cut invitations, menus, save the date, table plans, place cards, thank you cards, escort cards, order of service…

What Bespoke Stationery to Order

Because our service is bespoke you can order any laser cut stationery from Chartula, we've even made flip flops before! Here's our list of typical wedding stationery items.


Day Invitations & Envelopes

The one essential stationery item for every wedding. Bespoke laser cut invitations set the tone for your day. Send these to guests you are inviting to your whole wedding, i.e. the ceremony, reception and evening celebration. Remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family.

Top Tip: Keep it personal and commission a bespoke laser cut design that tells your story.


Evening Invitations & Envelopes

Send these to guests you want to invite to your evening celebration only. Remember you will only need one invitation per couple or family.


Other Invitations & Envelopes

Laser cut invitations for additional events can be included with your wedding invitations. For example if you are having a separate religious blessing, brunch or a pool party.

Top Tip: Include a bespoke laser cut detail to reflect the theme of this event.


Concertina Invitations & Envelopes

Our fabulous laser cut concertina invitations include your invitation on the front or inside page and information for your guests on the extra pages. Our couture laser cuts even include your initials in the intricate design. A fantastic way for your guests to keep hold of all your information, and they look fab standing on the mantle piece!

Top Tip: Help guests find their way with one of our bespoke maps.


Reply Cards

Fantastic for helping you organise. Rather than replies via phone, text, Facebook, email or a traditional letter, a reply card encourages all your guests to reply in the same format so you can keep replies together. Plus it’s very exciting when they arrive through your letterbox! They’re ideal if you need to ask your guests specific questions, such as dietary requirements, or whether they will be attending brunch the next day. Include a please reply by date to ensure replies arrive in plenty of time. We love postcard style replies - your address on one side, questions on the reverse.

Top Tip: To get all your guests on the dance floor at your reception ask them for their favourite party tune on their reply card. You can then make a list of these and give them to the band or DJ.


Information Cards

The perfect way to provide your guests with additional information about your wedding. This can include details about the day, travel and transport, accommodation, gifts, children, and more. They’re particularly handy if your guests are travelling. If your wedding is abroad you can send them with save the date cards up to a year in advance with flight and accommodation information so your guests can book early.

Top Tip: Use information cards to address any tricky issues, for example if you are unable to accommodate children.   


Save the Date Cards & Envelopes

Ensure all your guests can make your wedding, by asking them to save the date up to a year in advance with a bespoke save the date card. They’re particularly handy if your wedding is during a holiday season, or if your guests will be travelling far.

Top Tip: Send them at Christmas and they can double up as Christmas cards. See our save the date wording examples.


Welcome Cards

If you're organising a weekend of celebrations or your guests have travelled far leave a welcome card in their room with a personal note from you. It's a nice touch and will get them settled into your wedding celebration.



Laser cut menus are an elegant addition to your tables that will get your guests mouths watering! Even if you are not having a choice of dishes, it’s nice to let your guests know what they will be eating, and what wines you will be serving.

Top Tip: Choose our fabulous laser cut criss cross menus for stunning table decorations! Order two or three per table.


Menu Place Cards

Menus with space for you to write your guests names. A contemporary alternative to traditional menus and place cards that make your place settings look pretty whilst keeping your table clutter free.

Top Tip: Keep it simple by neatly tucking them inside napkins, or be creative and commission an elaborate bespoke laser cut design.


Place Cards

Laser cut place cards are a pretty way to let your guests know where they will be sitting at their table. They can be traditional tent folded, name tags, slotted on top of glasses, or anything you can think of!

Top Tip: Commission a personalised laser cut design for your guests to take away and your place cards can double up as favours.


Order of Service

A traditional run through of your religious ceremony. It helps your guests to follow your ceremony, participate in prayers and join in your hymns. It is essential for a church wedding and usually includes details of your readings and music, important details of the ceremony, such as Exchange of Rings, details and wording of your hymns and can often include the names of those in the wedding party and your priest.

Top Tip: Some guests will want to take your order of service away with them so we recommend ordering about two thirds your total number of guests. 


Order of the Day

An order of service alternative for civil ceremonies. It is usually a run through of your wedding ceremony with details of any readings or music, important details of the ceremony such as Exchange of Rings and often the names of those in the wedding party. 

Top Tip: You may also want to include details of what will follow the ceremony, for example “champagne and canapes on the terrace”.


Order of Service & Order of the Day Covers

A popular choice if you want to get the Chartula look but are working to a tight budget. We create the fabulous covers for you and then you simply print your own inserts at home! 

Top Tip: Ask us to laser cut your monogram onto the front cover.


Table Cards

Names or numbers for your tables to help your guests find the table they are sitting at.

Top Tip: Name your tables after something that's personal to the two of you. It could be your favourite cakes, restaurants, places you've travelled together, addresses you've lived at and more!


Table Plan

A traditional way to let your guests know what table they will be sitting at. A Laser cut table plan makes a stunning addition to your reception.

Top Tip: Order two table plans and have one framed as a reminder of your big day. 


Escort Cards

A modern alternative to a table plan. Simply write your guest name on the front and their table name or number inside or reverse.

Top Tip: Be creative! Laser cut escort cards can be made into anything you want!



A gift or token at each place setting from the two of you to your guests. This doesn't have to be stationery, but if you'd like it to be consider our fabulous laser cut calendar favours, or simply some pretty couture note cards.  


Thank You Cards & Envelopes

You should always send a written thank you to all your guests. A bespoke thank you card is a great way to do this. You can order them with the rest of your stationery so they are ready for you to write when you return from your honeymoon.

Top Tip: Commission a bespoke laser cut thank you card after your wedding, depicting the highlights of your big day.

Antiquity Concertina Invitation

Antiquity Reply Card

Antiquity Place Card

Antiquity Order of Service

Antiquity Thank You Card

Little City Tales Concertina Invitation

Little City Tales Calendar Favour

Little City Tales Order of the Day

Little City Tales Menu Place Card