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Laser cut wedding invitations designed exclusively by artist Charlotte Hewson, renowned for her enchanting laser cuts. Creating bespoke wedding stationery since 2003.

Thistle and Rose Orné Bespoke Laser Cut Wedding Invitations

Sometimes a bespoke design for one couple strikes a cord with another. And so the Thistle and Rose Orné was born.

'Watching a design evolve is one of the most satisfying parts of my job. I first created the Thistle and Rose laser cut pattern for Carole and David, a Scottish and English couple. Then the lovely Daniella fell in love with it and wanted to incorporate the pattern bordering their menus into miniature invitations to her evening celebration. They were tiny cards, smaller than A6, with the laser cut surrounding them. So, when anther bride, Anastasia came to me also besotted with the Thistle and Rose pattern but after a more classical design I knew what to do. You never know where a design will lead.'

Charlotte xx

 As well as the Invitations we also created Information Cards, Direction Cards with a map and Reply Cards. All silk screen printed in Gold ink on Natural 350gsm wove card. With matching lined envelopes.

Invitations from £1000. Packages from £1400.

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